Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Back in the USA.

After a couple of weeks in China I am back in the US. There are definitely a few things that are better in the US than in China such as blue skies, insects and birds in cities, no Internet censorship. And there are a few things that are better in China than in the US such as friendlier policemen and border guards, better food and booze, higher level of service everywhere. I thought I hated air travel but apparently I only hated travelling on US owned airlines. Flying with Chinese carriers is pleasure.

Tried a variety of strange foods such as fermented eggs, duck brain, pork stomach, shark fin (tried only once to see how it was - tastes like chicken - will never do it again) and lots of other foods. Didn't have a chance to try dog meat although I was told that the Korean restaurants serve it. Maybe next time.

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