Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Back in the US.

After about a week in the Caribbean, I'm back in the cesspool of petty partisan politics and the culture obsessed with celebrity antics. Of course, the most unpleasant experience is going through the border control and getting interrogated. In the airports, everybody is inspected suspiciously by the armed police standing in strategic points - what the hell are people who have just arrived to the country going to do, I don't know. I have no problem with the police walking around with dogs (I like animals) but everything else is very degrading. At least the citizens are not finger printed and photographed.

But what made my day was seeing two blobs riding around on Segways. These women, who were airport security or something, should have been walking around instead of using a Segway - a Segway only makes their giant folds of fat even larger.


Observer said...

I see you're having fun!!! Caribbean, UK, dogs, fat security ladies... way to go! ;)

nazarian said...

I wish it was for pleasure or vacation. Business trips don't offer much time to enjoy the trip.