Monday, March 19, 2007

Azeri sense of insecurity.

Anyone who follows the Azeri newspaper publications has repeatedly encountered their negative coverage of Armenia, and anything related to the Armenians. It may be understandable for them to use Armenia as a yardstick for their accomplishments and shortcomings. The three countries in the region, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, use each other's statistics to measure how well, or badly, they are doing. When Armenia was the 'vagr' (tiger) of South Caucasus, the other two were jealous. Now Azerbaijan is the vagr and the other two are jealous. Georgia and Armenia continue to laugh at Azerbaijan for its totalitarian regime. The Armenian are jealous of Georgia's progress in fixing corruption and openness to the West. The examples are numerous.

But the funniest examples of jealousy are the articles in the Azerbaijani press about the Armenian culture and how they are all stolen from ancient Azeri culture. In doing that, they often sound like the women from the 'Desperate Housewives' TV show. The latest article that caught my attention was about Hayko's Eurovision entry and his use of duduk music. Now the Azeris claim that duduk is their tutek. Of course, nobody cares if tutek is duduk as it is immaterial to everyone except to people who have nothing else to do.

For your entertainment, here are the original in Russian, and a roughly translated version in English.

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Anonymous said...

As opposed to Armenian news and media that publishes positive coverage of Azerbaijan?

As far as culture, both sides discredit the other. Then again, that's based on my observations as well as encounters with nationalists.