Friday, February 23, 2007

An interesting observation about the Armenian blogosphere.

Recently I have discovered that besides the English language Armenian blogs, there is actually quite a vibrant Russian language Armenian community in the blogosphere. Quite a few of the authors live in Armenia but a large portion of them are based in Russia itself.

A small list can be found in Հայկական բլոգերի լրաքաղ (or the English version Armenian blog review) bilingual site. In reviewing a recent Ayl@ntrank rally, Observer has included a list of Russian language blog posts where the authors remember the early 90-s when Armenia was in deep recession because of the war with Azerbaijan, blocked channels of communication through Azerbaijan, Georgia (due to the Abkhaz war) and Turkey. The residents of Armenia at that time will remember that the only lifeline was through the Zvartnots airport. The frequent explosions of the gas pipeline on the Azeri populated Georgian territory. These were truly difficult times but I think the authorities at the time overcame them and prevented such catastrophic events as the loss of the country to the better armed and vicious enemy.


Anna said...

And I am amazed at the number of English-language Armenian blogs -again, thanks to Observer:)


Observer said...

Guys, thank you for the good words and noticing my modest efforts :D I am delighted to see that there are lively Armenian blogging communities around! This is truely exciting!

kronstadt said...

Most of the Russophone blogs are on LiveJournal, which is pain to surf through and it is difficult to comment, unless you sign up with LiveJournal.

I read the Russophone Armenian blogs everynow and then, but there is hardly anything of quality in that blogosphere -- mostly just small-talk about nothing and standardized opinions. It's all an expression of te Society of the Spectacle. They are mostly either of the three: 1)Conservative, 2)pseudo-cosmopolitan 3)outright-apolitical.

Everybody's trying to stay "Normal" -- trying too hard -- Normal all too Normal.

But then again I'm new to bloging. If you see anything of quality, I would apreciate a nudge.

nazarian said...

I generally dislike Armenians communicating in Russian but then, again, my primary language of online communication is English so I don't have much ground to stand on. It's probably because don't trust Russian imperialism and Armenians have for a long time been subject of that imperialism. But whatever contact Armenia has with the civilized world is through Russia. It's a sad situation because the Russians are not a very civilized nation to begin with. they seem to be resting on the laurels of the past cultural giants and do not create anything new presently.