Friday, February 09, 2007

«Յոգուրտային կուլտուրական կենդանի»

I came across this phrase today: «Յոգուրտային կուլտուրական կենդանի». It translates to 'cultured yogurt animal'. It basically refers to the bacteria used to make yogurt. The funny part is that the word 'cultured' has been translated to 'kulturakan' which in Armenian means 'intellectual' instead of translating it as 'cultivated' or 'bazmacvatz'.

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Lina said...

It will take much time to adjust Armenian language to ‘globalization’ tendencies and technological innovations of yogurt industry. The problem is that those phrases are made up by random people, although I not sure who is worse random people or specialists. The latter are sooo creative inventing terms no one understands.