Friday, January 26, 2007

Armenian Multimedia On The Internet.

I am sitting at my desk at work and listening to the Armenian Public Radio's channel 1 broadcast live from Yerevan. I've always been a fan of Armenian Public Radio but it seems that the orientation of the music broadcast has changed. Right now I think it's NSINC or some other 'boy-band'. I usually don't listen to things like that but my hope is that they'll switch to something else shortly. After all, it's 1 am in Armenia (the DJ's voice insisted on updating me with the current time in a number of cities around the world :): you can't expect quality programming at this hour although the Macy Gray song earlier was quite nice.

And because today was the 15-th anniversary of the Armenian Army, there were a lot of small stories about the heroism of the volunteers who sacrificed their lives defending Armenia against the Azeri and Russian aggression. There was a story about a history teacher in Getashen, Shahumian region, NKR, that confronted the Russian and Azeri soldiers when they invaded the village with tanks and helicopters while they were only armed with a few rifles. He grabbed the commanding Russian colonel while holding a hand grenade in an attempt to force him to order their withdrawal, but was killed by Azeri snipers. His two friends were killed in a hail of fire when they opened fire on the Russian soldiers in response to the sniper fire.

I am glad that the memory of these fighters is still preserved. If you want to hear or watch live Armenian radio or TV, check the links on the sidebar.

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Thanx for your comment Nazarian.
In effects you have reason.

UE must to controls better about who wants to enter into his "club".
I think there are many infiltrates from Usa...