Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wolfowitz with holes in his socks.

Wolfowitz_socks, originally uploaded by nazarian.

Here is one of the masterminds of the Iraq war: the neo-conservative Paul Wolfowitz sporting holes in his socks. This man who makes US$ 400k a year has the blood of the thousands of innocent people on his hands. How do people like this become so powerful is beyond me.


Anonymous said...

He is very careful with money. :)

kronstadt said...

"How do people like this become so powerful is beyond me" --- STRUCTURE pre-determines everything else. INTEREST is a powerful key that can unlock many doors.

20th century was a battlefield between Radical Left and Fascism. At stake was which ideas and culture will be prelenant in the future. The first battle was Spain: Anarchists vs. Fascists (and because of the Communist betrayal Fascists won). At the same time Mussolini eliminated his Leftist enemies in Italy. France had its wave of fascism too, which it inherited from its bourgois nationalist revolution. By the time Hitler rose, there was no surprise. In short, the "Battle of 20th century" was won by the Logic of Fascism at every corner - even at the earliest stages of the "Soviet" Revolution. It came with the rise of and strengthning of Statism. Armenian Genocide too must be understood within these global processes.

So what is the Logic of Fascism? Well, many things, but the important aspects of that Logic pertinent to the answer to your question, are Essentialism and Reductionism. If you oversimplify any issue, then you can interpret it in any way possible... and it then becomes particularly easy to interpret everything with a Populist appeal. That's when fascistic ideas and associations become dominant, and easiest to push.

20 years ago Perle and Wolfowitz were regarded as nothing more then the far-right lunatics within the Republican Party -- nobody took them seriously. When the cold war collapsed there was a temporary multi-layered crisis: America cannot live without war (well, it can and that would be pretty nice for a start, but that's not in the interests of the Movers-and-Shakers, who are stakeholders in the military industries - Haliburton is just one small example). There was no war and no reason to keep the military expenditure high. So the big businessmen behind the military indistries (both Republican and Democrat) soon started getting worried about their profits not sky rocketing as before. This is when Perle, Wolfowitz, Ramsfeld and Jeb Bush and other prominent neo-cons step in and say "Hey guys, we can provide you with the right type of ideology too keep your military businesses running and profiting at the expense of the taxpayer. It's a no-lose situation for you. In fact we've been working on that for many years in our think-tank "The Project for New American century" and it is based on a real Philosophy by Leo-Strauss and Carl Schmitt. Here.... please read our report on "Rebuilding American Defenses: strategy, forces and resources for a New Century"... we hope you like it, but we will need an event like a new Pearle Harbour, so as to bring back that logic of oversimplifications, essentialisms and populisms".
The businessmen read through the report, and they're impressed. They are now looking for someone with a good popular folk-ish appeal, preferably Christian fanatic, not too bright and easily controlable, and with personal business interests in the scheme of things. The Neo-Cons reply "Look no further, we've got just the right guy for you".

The rest is history.

Structure and Interest. What has been happening in Armenia works along the same Capitalist and Fascist logic: "Keep the masses sufficiently poor and sufficiently dumb and nationalist, while we get on with our own more serious business o money-rolling" $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$