Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Photo for July 25, 2006.

guy_checking_out_a_chick, originally uploaded by nazarian.

I was going through my photo collection and noticed something.

When I was taking this picture in Yerevan, Armenia, my intent was to shoot the Andranik Zoravar statue with the Grigor Lusavorich temple in the background. I took it from distance so that the little tree would distract the viewer from the non-manicured lawn around the church, as well as to minimize the visual impact of the ugly landscape. By contrast, the area around the private tiny amusement park is nicely landsacped (on the left hand side).

As you look at the flowers and the mowed grass, notice the guy who has his head turned back. And notice the angle of his glance.

Yes, he is checking out the ass of the chick in a red T-shirt :). Normally, it would be an OK thing to do (all the guys do it), and I think women are flattered since they put so much effort into being noticed. But the guy is with another woman. That's blatantly amateurish. In these cases, you use your peripheral vision (as recommended in the '40 year old virgin' movie).

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Irina Petrosian said...

Where are the gross beggars in the dirty Teletubbie costumes who rudely hit up the kids and their parents for money? They're usually hanging out in that area, so they can pounce on the people coming out of Luna Park next door.