Thursday, July 13, 2006

Photo for July 13, 2006.

Human and duck silhouettes, Indianapolis Canal Walkway.


Haik said...

Is it still a slow place? I always wondered that why there are no outdoor cafes and other things there to entertain people.
I was told that it is pretty dangerous to be there at nights.

nazarian said...

There still are no cafes there. The city government is trying to kick start it by discounting liquor licenses for the area so that the businesses are attracted to the location.

People complain about the cafes in Yerevan. Indianapolis is the anti-Yerevan in that respect. And believe me, I would take Yerevan any time over Indianapolis. There are only a handful of places that offer outdoor sitting, and all are restaurants and a few starbucks. Some McDonalds offer that, too, but who wants to go there?

It's a safe location. Most of the people there are couples (enjoying a quasy Venetian experience), and health nuts. We've been there quite a few times at night, and so far so good.