Monday, April 03, 2006

Photo for April 4, 2006.

vanadzor market, originally uploaded by loretsi.

This picture was taken near the main shuka (market or bazaar). The person in the foreground is an icecream vendor. The things hanging from his umrella are handmade electric water heaters. These basically are carved pieced of wood into which a spiral heater element is wound. You plung it in a bucket of water and plug it in. It is by no means grounded but for some reason nobody gets electrocuted. I don't know the physics of it so I can't explain why not.

He also sells books and sunflower seeds.

The yellow thing on the right corner is a propane powered bus. These ancient vehicles still run and will climb mountain roads loaded to maybe twice the capacity they were designed for. They usually do this in first or second gear tops.

In the backround is the main baghnick (bath house) and the Ghrer hills.

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