Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Photo for April 25, 2006.

child_on_leash in Paphos, originally uploaded by nazarian.

I captured this funny moment during my last trip to Paphos, Cyprus. Here we have a guy who has a boy on leash. To me this is good parenting - he's making sure that the kid is safe. But my standards for good parenting are quite low - Homer Simpson is a good father in my opinion.

In the background we have a dehydrated British family chilling in a seafront cafe. Behind them is the Paphos Castle where according to folklore Othello lived.


Haik said...

I guess the father is using the thing that comes with suitcases for pulling them. If so a pretty creative idea not loosing the kid but at the same time giving it some radius of movement.

iArarat said...

since you are in cyprus you should remember that it is hoeros simpsoniadis and not homer simpson :)