Thursday, November 11, 2010

Violence against Nikol Pashinian.

The banditocracy has not been able to silence Nikol Pashinian, the editor of the Haykakan Zhamanak newspaper, even after putting him in jail. He has been regularly been contributing to his newspaper with analytical articles or covering the daily life behind bars.

The regime, however, does not tolerate dissent like this and Pashinian has been subject to regular physical violence. People like me are quite worried about this. The regime demands immediate ceasing of his journalistic activities as a condition for his safety.

Maybe Pashinian should stop endangering himself? He is too valued for us and the future of Armenia and we cannot let a few thugs currently controlling the country to harm him.


Anonymous said...

Stalin and Beria regime is back to Armenia.

Ani said...

Pashinyan would be subject to abuse whether or not he is writing--look across the border to opposition Azerbaijani journalist Fatullayev's case; he isn't writing but is still being held on concocted drug charges. Or look at the death of Magnitsky in Russia--he was a lawyer, not a journalist, but endured ridiculously poor treatment that resulted in his death.

The Soviet prison system is alive and flourishing like a noxious weed in all three countries--and just think what a victory would be perceived if Pashinyan stopped writing, and how his perceived weakness would further victimize him, living as he is with a bunch of hoodlums and bullies. In reality, it is only his pen and his wit that protect him.

nazarian said...

Ani, you are right. I simply feel that I cannot say how to behave while sitting in America and "eating oranges".

Anonymous said...

FYI, nazarian: for English language news covering Pashinyan developments (including some of his writing translated into English), see

For example, here's the English translation of Pashinyan explaining what happened at Kosh penitentiary, in his own words:

Here's another coverage of the event when it was first reported:

nazarian said...

Adrineh, thanks. I did not know about