Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Biden: Armenian President called me and said 'do not force this issue'.

Looks like Serjik has really been doing what we suspected all this time.

Question: "I'm Armenian, and I want to thank you for the work you did in the Senate. I have a question. I am very involved in the Armenian American community and you know..."

Vice-President Biden: "Oh, I know."

Question: "... we've been very, very burned. I want to know what is the message that should be given to our community?"

Vice-President Biden: "What you should be giving to your community is that we are not backing off. The Turks have to come to the realization of what the reality is. And what we got to do is, you know, this....the compromise that was going on and being worked at for a while... Tell them that it was the Armenian President that called me and said "Look, do not force this issue now while we are in negotiations. We passed. That's passed right now, so anyway, reality has a way of intruding."


tzitzernak said...

Recognition of any genocide, any atrocity of humanity, should be an ethical decision and not a compromise or bargain. However, that's not how the world works and as Biden says in the video "Reality has a way of intruding."

What is more interesting at this point is the reaction the ARF will have to SS.

Since their reinstatement in Armenia, the segments of the ARF inside and outside of Armenia have tried to act unified. With Genocide recognition being such a fundamental principle for the ARF, especially the Diasporan ARF, and the ARF in Armenia struggling to feign opposition status but actually still mired in coalition and SS-RK politics, how strong will the criticism truly be? How strong CAN it be?

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