Thursday, November 26, 2009

BFF - Best Friends Forever.

Artyom Khachatrian (right, in blue shirt), also known as Shizolini, editor of the pro-government ''Azatamtutyun'' daily, pictured with three men serving life sentences for politically motivated murders in Yerevan's Nubarashen prison on October 5, 2009. The man in black T-shirt is Derenik Bejanian convicted for the assassinations of October 27. The man in red T-shirt is Arsen Artztruni - an ARF member convicted for the Dashnak terrorist organization "Dro". The man in the background, behind the TV set in cream shirt with stripes is Edik Grigorian convicted for the assassinations of October 27. The bald person whose face is covered is unknown.

The picture was taken in the Nubarashen prison. More information here.


Haik said...

what captured my attention is the flooring. I get the impression that the cell was remodeled to create modern comforts. Nothing wrong with it considering that these people will spend rest of their lives in there. However who provided the logistics and funding? I am sure it wouldnt be that easy to get a permission for such a renovation work. The call should come from high instances.
The other question is where the Hunanian brothers are?

nazarian said...

They actually have better accommodations than some 80% of the rural Armenian population. And they don't seem to be taking their life term very badly.