Saturday, November 25, 2006

Online shopping rant.

More than a week ago I purchased a USB TV tuner from I chose the 3 day delivery expecting since I was not in a hurry.

Well, they shipped it with UPS (I am sure most of us know that UPS sucks). They have the lousiest delivery service in the US. My package is still sitting in Ohio since November 21. That's 4 days already.

I'm also waiting for an MP3 player I got from a week ago. They shipped it from Illinois. Well, the geniuses at UPS took it to Ohio - the destination of the package is Indiana. To take the package from Illinois to Ohio, they had to drive through Indiana. That one is still sitting in Ohio - it's been 3 days already. packages shipped through FedEx arrive the next day - apparently, FedEx delivery routes are not designed by idiots like UPS.

Hopefully I'll get them by the end of next week.

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