Sunday, October 15, 2006

Photo for October 16, 2006.

apple, originally uploaded by nazarian.

This apple had been sitting in our fruit basket for more than a month. I have no idea why it survived so well for so long: it's not a good sign when a food item lasts for a very long time. For example, the Twinkies are rumored to last for decades and taste as good (or as bad) as the fresh ones.

When taking this picture, I had to remember the old ways of taking a picture where I would set the focus manually based on the distance. My first camera was a cheap camera that you had to calculate the distance between me and the object and set the focus that way; the viewfinder was just a hole with a transparent plastic cover. The aperture and shutter speed were set intuitively as well.

The lesson learned was that even with the latest auto-focus technologies, it is sometimes the best to use manual means - the camera was having a hard time focusing on the glossy apple skin.

BTW, a week or so later I ate that apple and it was still good.


Haik N said...

Other than a good portion of silicon injection I guess that apple has a thick coat of wax. Yesterday we were watching a program about some Brits in an Italian food market they were excited that they could sample products which had aroma and tasted like proper food. I think some of them didn't have the chance of knowing how a tomato and appricots tast before that.

nazarian said...

I dout that things have been injected in the apple. My suspcion is that these fruits get bathed in anti-septic liquids, and then a synthetic wax is applied on them.