Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Photo for May 9, 2006.

Mayr Hayastan (mother Armenia), originally uploaded by nazarian.

May 9 is celebrated in Armenia. That's when the Nazi Germany capitulated during WW2 and the important Armenian city of Shushi was liberated from the Azeris in 1992. The conquest of Shushi was a tactically important victory and helped liberate the rest of the Azeri occupied territories in and around Karabakh.


Haig said...

Stalin's statue used to be on that pedestal. However after that monster went to grave it was taken off. Not a better message or means of communication could be thought of for declaring the end of Stalinist purges.
Stalin’s statue was bigger that’s why the ‘Mayr Hayastan’ (Mother Armenia) statue sort of doesn’t fit to the pedestal well.

nazarian said...

I wonder what the exhibits in the museum inside the pedestal are. It would probably be a good idea to open the museum to the public, and also let them climb up to the top. That will bring the tourists to Victory Park and bring traffic to the businesses operating there.

But that would require a little bit of an imagination from the government so it ain't gonna happen any time soon.

Irina Petrosian said...

Is the museum closed now? My husband and I were there one year ago and saw all of it. Though we almost laughed out loud when we saw Charles Azvanour listed alongside "Heroes of Armenia." It was totally out of place, totally out of context, to have an entertainer next to war heroes. Many of the exhibits were in poor condition. We saw some held together by Scotch tape. Hard to believe that the museum sponsor, the Ministry of Defense, can't get a pot of glue for repairs.

There was no access to climb to the top of the statue, but the lower levels were open to the public. It was cool, nice, and refreshing.