Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Photo for March 22, 2006.

Khortkaran in Aparan, originally uploaded by loretsi.

Fast food joints at Aparan mountain pass. This is approximately halfway between Spitak and Aparan towns, at the bottom of the mountain pass.

It's been a pit stop for travellers as long as I can remember. The blue smoke you see is from the barbeque grills. I'm not sure how good the khorovadz (grilled meat) is nowadays.

If anyone has had the food from here, please comment.


JLD said...

I lived in Vanadzor with the Peace Corps for two years and went by this place a thousand times and never ate there. I love that space ship type thing they have set up. My old country director said that he had great khoravats there once.

nazarian said...

It looked something like the transport ship on Star Trek Enterprise. I wonder what it was before being ferried to Spitak and set up as a restaurant. I highly doubt that the owner constructed it from scratch.