Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Photo for February 15, 2006.

These are sculptures created by sculptors in Vanadzor. There were a couple of good ones and a few quite untalented ones including one depicting a gay cowboy playing a flute, and another one depicting a family or something whose faces looked like owl faces.

The owl faced family sculpture has been placed near the pedagogical institute. I don't know where the gay cowboy and the others have been placed.

The best one was a fish. Unfortunately, it was dstroyed by sledgehammers one night. I suspect it was a jealous sculptor.

These sculptures (the commissions and the tufa blocks) were sponsored by two brothers who were originally from Vanadzor but now live in Los Angeles.
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Derek said...

I like how you called them untalented. Cynic. :-P

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nazarian said...

I now regret not having taken close-ups. At the time I didn't think it would be worth it but in retrospect, it would be nice to post them on my blog.