Friday, January 20, 2006

Photo for January 20, 2006.

DSC00050, originally uploaded by nazarian.

Wild raspberries, Northern Armenia.

These berries are widely collected from the woods and usually end up in the shouka-s (markets) around the country. These berries are known as 'malina' which is I think the Russian word for them.

In addition to them, blackberries are collected, too. They are called mosh. I prefer the malinas over mosh which is more sour.

The raspberries you see in this photo were consumed right after the photo was taken :).


Scott McLean said...

Yes. Malina is the word for raspberry. Another great photo. Oblipiha, possibly spelled differently using English letters, would be another great photo. The berries are bright orange and there are many on a bush. I ate them when I visited Ukraine a few years ago and want to plant some this year. Take care, Scott

nazarian said...

There actually is a vendor in the US that sells the Ablepikha bushes. I think it's the Raintree Nurseries based in Washington State.